Core Trader

Core Trader is our professional online trading package. Offering real-time, dynamic market data streams, Core Trader allows you to respond instantly to market movements.

Core Trader features:

  • Speed and reliability through real-time streamed market data and quotes on equities and derivatives;
  • Access wherever you are in the world;
  • Market overview information;
  • Enhanced charting abilities with added indicators and drawing tools;
  • Historical data via the zoom capabilities as well as real-time charting;
  • Extensive market watch and alerts capabilities;
  • Customisable watchlists and custom keys.

Trading alerts

Keep investment strategy in place, even when you can’t monitor the market every minute by setting up Trading alerts that will be sent direct to your mobile phone or email inbox:

  • Price alerts will tell you when a stock you’ve selected reaches the high or low trigger you’ve set;
  • Time alerts can monitor the price of a watchlist at whatever time of the day you choose.

Conditional Orders
With Conditional Orders you don’t have to constantly monitor the market. You simply set the criteria for your trade and we’ll watch the market and place your order when your conditions are met.
Conditional orders have two components; an order to buy or sell a stock and a trigger which specifies the market conditions on the ASX that must be met before the order can be placed.

Key Features:

  • Make trades based on your pre-determined investment strategy
  • Order types include Falling Sell (stop loss) and Trailing Stops
  • Can be set for up to 12 months
  • Easy to cancel or amend as required
  • SMS or email notifications once your order has been placed